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The Joy-Jackson Assessment 

for Systemic Equity

Let's talk About The Assessment
It’s time to step up!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are three words used frequently in the entertainment and theatre community. Yet BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists, administrators, and audiences are still suffering. It is not enough to simply hire diversely. JJI is taking bold action to rectify the damaging effects of racism and white supremacy in the entertainment industry.

What Is it? 

Based on personal experience, fortified with the demands of our community, and backed by data, The Joy-Jackson Assessment is a revolutionary self-assessment tool.  Designed to help organizations measure their structural integrity to support and celebrate the BIPOC collaborators who enrich their spaces, The Assessment guides arts leaders through a comprehensive series of questions that measure both culture and structure. With an emphasis on examining organizations' relationship with Black and Indigenous people of color.  It collects and contextualizes data to help arts leaders understand the story of their own organizations, and turn their awareness into antiracist action.

We are committed! 

We're creating the safest possible spaces for BIPOC practitioners. Are you? Join us by making your commitment!

How else can I help?

Want to help us bring this groundbreaking tool to life?

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