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The Joy-Jackson Assessment

It’s time to step up. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are three words used frequently in the entertainment and theatre community, yet BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists, administrators, and audiences are still suffering.It is not enough to simply hire diversely – BIPOC voices, thoughts, and artistry must be amplified and valued. Make the first bold step toward the world we wish to see. Commit to taking The Joy-Jackson Assessment today.

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Dear Theatre Community:

My company,                                                                                is making a bold commitment to our BIPOC collaborators to finally actualize the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion for all. We will take The Joy-Jackson Assessment and challenge ourselves and all of the theaters in our community to identify harmful past behavior and seek tools to formulate actionable solutions.


We pledge to take this first bold step toward making our theaters not just safe, not just safer, but the safest spaces for BIPOC folks to thrive.

Thank you for taking this bold step!

Please check your email for a copy of your letter and shareable graphics. When the Assessment is ready, we will be in contact with you!

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