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Articles, research, and videos to enrich understanding about BIPOC and the Theatre.

"We See You, White American Theater"

An open letter from notable BIPOC artists

"An Open Letter to American Regional and Community Theatres on Inclusion"

Black Theatre Girl Magic


"Broadway Stars Call Out Racism in Theater"


7 Ways We Know Systemic Racism Is Real

Ben and Jerry’s

Further reading on Glossary terms

“The spreadsheet that shook the theater world”​​

Los Angeles Times


“What is BIPOC?"

Sunrise Movement


“Blackface Minstrelsy”

American Experience - PBS


“Blackface Minstrelsy” - Definition, History, and Facts 

Encyclopedia Britannica


“Minstrel Show” - Description, History, and Facts

Encyclopedia Britannica


“What is the Difference Between Race and Ethnicity?”



“What Does It Mean to Be an Ally”

Ontario Public Service Employees Union


What Is Performative Allyship? Examples and Alternatives

Elle Australia


“Paper Bag Tests Revisited”

New Haven Independent



“6 Notable Black playwrights“

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


"How a new generation of black playwrights is taking on race and privilege in the age of Trump"

Washington Post


Educational theater and art as social change

University of Southern California


REcommended books

Books to Read About Anti Racism



Dudley, the Smart Set, and the Beginning of the Black Entertainment Industry

George-Graves Nadine



Colorism In Conversation

The Guardian

Hollywood’s Colorism Problem

Huff Post

Turn Performative Wokeness Into Allyship


Broadway, She's Racist

Mykal Kilgore